Which type of phone insurance is right for you?

By / 6th February 2017 / / 0 Comments

Nowadays our mobile phones are an essential part of our daily life – according to Ofcom, 92% of adults in Britain own or use a mobile phone. Smartphones store important information and can be expensive to repair or replace – this has seen mobile phone insurance becoming increasingly popular. Are you looking to insure your […]

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How to Back Up Your iPad To Your iCloud Account

By / 28th November 2016 / / 0 Comments

If you love using your iPad, you’re going to need to make sure that you are regularly backing up your data. Backing up to the iCloud means you won’t lose all of your apps, documents, pictures and videos if your current iPad lost, stolen or damaged. If you have an iPad insurance policy with CUSC, […]

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How To Back Up Your iPad To Your iTunes Account

By / 24th November 2016 / / 0 Comments

Backing up your iPad is one of the easiest ways to protect your content – this means you have a spare copy of your iPad’s data in case your device is broken or damaged. We understand your iPad is highly personalised and contains precious data. If anything should happen to your iPad, all of this […]

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How To Back Up Your iPhone To Your iTunes Account

By / 21st October 2016 / / 0 Comments

If you have recently damaged your iPhone, you are likely to be waiting for our speedy replacement service to deliver your new handset. In order to ensure you don’t lose any of your valuable pictures, contacts and apps, we recommend backing up your current device to your iTunes account. We understand that your device it […]

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How to Back Up Your iPhone to Your iCloud Account

By / 19th October 2016 / / 0 Comments

Is your current iPhone damaged or broken? Follow this guide from CUSC to ensure you don’t lose any of its important and valuable contents. We understand that your device is completely personal to you. This is exactly why you need to back up your iPhone to the iCloud before you receive your replacement device from […]

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The Most Common iPhone Problems and How to Fix Them

By / 11th February 2016 / / 0 Comments

My iPhone screen is frozen: A common, but nonetheless frustrating problem. It’s also one that could happen at any time, but if you’ve just installed iOS 9, then this could be the trigger. If your phone just won’t respond to your fervent tapping and swiping, and turning it off and on again doesn’t work, then […]

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Our top-5 Apps for your Apple Watch

By / 11th February 2016 / / 0 Comments

Since its release eight months ago, the number of apps available for the Apple Watch has surpassed 10,000, and new ones are being added all the time. Whilst the right apps can really help you get the most out of your watch, we don’t recommend downloading all 10,000! Here are some of our favourites to […]

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