Policy Terms and Conditions

Please read this document carefully together with your schedule of insurance to make sure you understand the cover including conditions and exclusions. When you purchased this insurance you selected the appropriate package that most suit your needs. We have not provided you with any advice on the suitability of this insurance cover to meet your needs. This policy may be cancelled at any time and please refer to cancellation provisions contained in these Insurance terms and conditions.

Policy Excesses

You will be responsible for the following excess payment once your claim has been accepted:

  • £50 compulsory excess for each and every mobile/tablet claim made for all liquid damage and mechanical breakdown claims
  • £25 compulsory excess for each and every mobile/tablet claim made for all accidental damage claims
  • £25 additional excess charge for all loss and theft claims

Key Exclusions and Conditions

Here at CUSC Foneguard, we want you to fully understand the insurance cover you are about to receive and make sure our policy is suitable for your device. Please read through our key exclusions before purchasing a policy from us.


Your device must be less than three years old when the policy starts, and the device must be supported with valid proof of purchase from a UK VAT registered company. Please note that if your device exceeds the age limit or you are unable to provide proof of purchase, your claim will be invalidated.


  1. Your policy from CUSC Foneguard provides unlimited replacements and repairs for each device during each 12-month period of your policy.
  2. The IMEI/serial number of any replacement device must be sent (with proof of purchase) to CUSC Foneguard in writing or by email.
  3. Your device must be less than three years old and supported with valid proof of purchase from a UK VAT registered company.
  4. Unfortunately, we cannot cover second-hand or used devices, regardless of where they have been purchased.
  5. Policy cover is subject to payment of the premium by direct debit, credit card or PayPal – premiums must be up to date other than during the cooling off period
  6. You must be a UK resident and at least 18 years of age at the start of your policy cover.
  7. Please note the policy can be cancelled in the event of fraud non-disclosure or alteration of risk.
  8. Any claims which would be covered under any other device insurance policy.
  9. If we replace your device, the original damaged item becomes property of CUSC Foneguard. If it is returned or found, you must notify one of our team members and send it to us if requested.
  10. All other costs are specifically excluded that are directly or indirectly caused by the event which led to your claim unless specifically stated in this policy unless relating to airtime abuse for your device up to a maximum of £10,000.



There are a few exclusions which we do not cover – this applies to all sections of the policy:


  1. Any claim where validation proof has not been supplied, and any claims where outstanding referrals exist.
  2. The policy excess.
  3. Any claim where all reasonable preventative measures have not been taken.
  4. Any claim where the details of the incident cannot be confirmed – i.e. the date and time.
  5. Any claim made, or any event causing the claim to be made that occurs within the first 14 days of the inception date of your policy
  6. Any claim where proof of usage cannot be provided or evidenced and must show the IMEI of the device on cover
  7. CUSC Foneguard does not cover the cost of replacing any stored data, including but not limited to: songs, personalised ring tones, pictures, films, graphics, downloaded material or software whether arising as a result of a claim paid by this insurance or otherwise.
  8. Theft or loss of the device – if you have not notified your network provider and blacklisted the device within 24 hours of discovering the incident.
  9. Theft or loss of the device – from any mode of public transport if the device was left unattended.
  10. Theft or loss of the device – if the device was left unattended when outside your home.
  11. Theft or loss of the device – if you did not report the incident to the police within 48 hours and if you did not obtain a valid crime reference number.
  12. We do not accept any loss claim presented as an alternative to an unsuccessful theft claim.
  13. Repairs carried out by third-party repair centres not authorised or agreed for use by CUSC Foneguard.
  14. Correction of devices where inadequate repairs have been carried out by third-party repair centres.
  15. Cosmetic damage, if it does not affect the functionality or operation of your device.
  16. Any amount recoverable under any guarantee warranty or other insurance.
  17. Any wear and tear, or gradual deterioration of performance in your device.
  18. Any consequence of a computer virus which results in electronic data being lost, destroyed, distorted, altered, or otherwise corrupted.
  19. Liability of any nature arising from ownership or use of the device, such as illness or injury.
  20. The cost of routine inspection, service adjustment, cleaning, or any damage caused to the device during these procedures.


CUSC Foneguard does not offer repair or replacement devices if the claim was a result of negligent use, wilful abuse, or misuse.