Specialist cover for your tablet

Whether you own an Apple iPad, a Samsung Galaxy Tab or an Amazon Fire, it’s probably of little surprise that tablets have experienced a surge in popularity in recent years. Allowing you to shoot videos, take photos, play music, send texts and perform the usual functions you would expect from your desktop, your tablet is essentially your camera, laptop and phone rolled in to one. All the more reason to get it insured.

Whether yours is your ultimate travel companion or your sofa surfing device, you want to know your insurance is in the right hands. CUSC Foneguard have more than 25 years’ industry experience and provide specialist tablet cover for people just like you.

Why choose CUSC Foneguard

Providing gadget insurance since 1989

Starting life in 1989, CUSC Foneguard was the first company in the UK to provide mobile phone insurance direct to the end user. Today, more than twenty five years later, we’re proud to be a specialist Apple insurer, and we still draw upon the same values and dedicated knowledge that gave us our foundation.

95.45% of claims accepted

As gadget lovers, we understand the pure frustration of disconnection. We know that losing or damaging your mobile phone or tablet can feel like a disaster. However, with comprehensive insurance from CUSC Foneguard, you can breathe a sigh of relief that you will never be parted from your devices for too long.

Insured over 891,000 mobile devices

CUSC Foneguard is part of a group of companies responsible for insuring over 891,000 individual customers gathering a wealth of experience in delivering high levels of customer service and great value for money gadget insurance services.

All claims handled by our in-house team

We believe in quick and pain-free claiming too, which is why all of our customer care teams are based in the UK, all in-house with over 13 years experience.

Unlimited repairs

As one of the market leaders in the Mobile and Gadget insurance Sector we believe that the customer should be able to purchase a product that gives them comfort in the worst eventuality. As such we provide unlimited repairs and replacements for a device.


We pride ourselves on high levels of customer service, flexible, comprehensive and affordable insurance.
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Claims Accepted

Our Cover

Accidental damage

Accidents happen. But when they happen to your tablet, our comprehensive cover gives you peace of mind and financial reassurance.

Liquid damage

Nothing attracts water quite like high-tech gadgets. Protect your device against liquid damage and we’ll get it repaired or replaced.


If your tablet is stolen we’ll not only replace it, but cover you against unauthorised calls made after your device is taken away from you.

Loss (Phones Only)

Prone to losing things? Our loss cover can provide that added level of protection which we include in our policies as standard.

Worldwide cover

We know you love to take your devices with you wherever you go, so if that’s abroad, you’ll be pleased to know our insurance includes unlimited worldwide cover.

Accessory cover

We can help you protect the accessories that allow you to enjoy your device, like headphones, chargers and cases, if they get damaged or stolen.

Mechanical breakdown

We’ll cover your tablet if an electrical or mechanical fault occurs outside of its warranty period.

Unlimited Claims

We know how much you love your tablet, which is why we’ll always be here no matter how many claims you make.

Airtime abuse

Airtime abuse can be a concern if your device gets stolen. Our tablet insurance covers the cost of unauthorised calls made following the theft of your phone.


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