Our top-5 Apps for your Apple Watch

Our top-5 Apps for your Apple Watch

Since its release eight months ago, the number of apps available for the Apple Watch has surpassed 10,000, and new ones are being added all the time. Whilst the right apps can really help you get the most out of your watch, we don’t recommend downloading all 10,000! Here are some of our favourites to help you make up your mind:


Quite a large proportion of those 10,000 are diet and fitness apps. Many focus on one or the other, but this incorporates a bit of both, for those who don’t want to worry with too many apps. MyFitnessPal works out a daily calorie allowance based on how much weight you want to shed, taking into account what you eat and what exercise you undertake in any given day. It gives you a running total of remaining calories and how that breaks down different food groups.

Google Maps

Rather than trying to display an entire map on a tiny screen, the Google Maps app allows you to get a list of directions instead to your work or home. A more forceful press on your watch screen allows you to switch between walking, driving and public transport. The only thing missing is the option of cycling routes, but then we don’t fancy your chances when it comes to steering one-handed anyway!

Carrot Weather

If you like your weather report with a healthy dose of sarcasm, then the CARROT Weather app is for you! The popular app has been updated with Apple watch support, and gives you an accurate weather prediction for the next hour, handily colour-coded for a simple user experience.

Sleep ++

If you’re happy to keep your Apple Watch on while you’re in bed, and you’re interested to learn more about your sleep patterns, make a note to download this sleep monitor app. All you have to do is tell the app when you’re going to sleep, and then when you wake up again, and it will provide you with data on your sleep, letting you know how much of the night you were restless for. Just remember to charge it in the morning.

Camera Plus

Camera Plus is one of the most popular 3rd camera apps for iOS, and that’s probably because it gives you a lot more control than you have with the available stock camera app. It allows you to swap between the front and back camera, and you can even set a timer. It has some great features and just generally offers a lot of functionality from a single app.


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